Saturday, April 28, 2012

you're the most colorful thing that i've seen

This weekend  I went to visit my sister Sara at her college, Wesleyan. And they hosted the Indian holiday Holi, the festival of colors. Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. The Holi celebration has its celebrative origins in Gujarat, particularly with dance, food, music, and colored powder.

At Wesleyan, everyone celebrated by gathering together, listening to music, and throwing colored power all over the place. There was a countdown from 10, and when we got to 1, everyone emptied their bags of powder into the air. We were engulfed in a cloud of color. I couldn't see anything past my own nose. When the colors settled a bit, we continued to throw powder at each other. There were also water guns and balloons involved (one was broken over my head.) 

It was a day of colors, music, and a lot of dancing. Overall, it was one of the best days ever. And one of the longest showers ever, to get the colors out of my hair, and skin.

P.S. please listen to one of my favorite songs, Colorful by Rocco DeLuca & The Burnden. And I think it fits the event :)

Colorful by Rocco DeLuca & The Burden on Grooveshark

my sister and I after the event :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

dash after dash

Happy spring everyone! I wasn't able to dye eggs today, like I usually do. But here are last year's:

dash after dash — matt & kim

Friday, April 6, 2012

wait for the stones on your window

Last weekend Oceanna and I walked down to a river that apparently is right near my dad's house. 

P.S. please listen to the song at the bottom: "O Valencia" by The Dcemberists. It is the best song ever. It's really sad, but I love it.