Wednesday, February 29, 2012

threw our shoes into the ocean

On the first weekend that I  was in California, I went to San Francisco with my aunt and grandma. We did what we normally do, got the the Ferry Building, which inside has a ton of shops and restaurants. And we also went to Crissy Field, the park and beach area right near the Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a nice day, sunny and beautiful. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

take a step and come out of the shade

While I visited California, I stayed at my grandma's house. Everyday was beautifully sunny, and I got to wear shorts, tee shirts and dresses! (unfortunately I had to return to a snowy Maine) Almost every day I walked down to my favorite my favorite coffee shop Peets, got an iced coffee, and walked to Mitchell Park, where I read for an hour or two. It was the best thing ever. I also got to visit my old friends, and see my family. And I went to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay (posts coming soon)

Plus there was a man playing guitar which was extremely lucky because my ipod was dead. And his music was beautiful

Friday, February 17, 2012


Okay, so I'm back home in Califnornia for the week, so I probably won't be posting until I get back. But I'm sure that I'll have a ton of photos for you when I return!

check out my new art blog: 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

an art blog

I have started an art blog. This will be a place where I will post old projects, current assignments, random sketches and paintings, both school work and personal. I am making this blog partially for my new photography class, and partially for me and you.

I'm usually not the type of person to publish my artwork, I'm not sure if I'm embarassed, or just haven't wanted to share it, but I've decided that I want to. The first post I made on my new blog is just a couple of old sketches form my last year's Art 1 class.

you can get to the page through my sidebar/button

Enjoy :)
find my new blog here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

hat club

11:02 PM

this date records the commencement of Hat Club.

Anne and I have decided to start the Hat Club. A club containing the two of us, and perhaps more if the so desire. On the 11th of every month at 11:02 AM, we will make a hat (most likely made of paper) and place it on a random student's head from behind, and run away, neglecting to reveal our identities. 

Thanks to the television show, Community, we received this idea. Why on the 11th? Why 11:02? Because my favorite number is 11, and Anne's is 2. And we got this idea today, on 2/11/12 at 11:02 PM. Coincidence? I think not.

Now, you may think Hat Club is stupid, but I assure you, it will be the most entertaining club you've ever heard of.

Thank You.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

but now I'm back.

but now i'm back — pink martini

001. I'm soooooo sorry that I haven't posted in so long. This weekend I was at a volleyball tournament in New Hampshire and couldn't really get to a computer. But guess what... My mother finally got a computer!! So I will hopefully be posting a little more often.

002. I just started my new semester at school, and also started my digital photography class. It has been so great I can not explain how my I love it already. We do a lot of editing with photoshop which is awesome. 

So I will hopefully be posting some of the things I've been editing in class pretty soon if I can. And I promise to post more often! :)

P.S. please listen to that song above. Pink Martini is one of my favorite bands. I've seen them in concert about 3 times and I'm in love.