Sunday, February 26, 2012

take a step and come out of the shade

While I visited California, I stayed at my grandma's house. Everyday was beautifully sunny, and I got to wear shorts, tee shirts and dresses! (unfortunately I had to return to a snowy Maine) Almost every day I walked down to my favorite my favorite coffee shop Peets, got an iced coffee, and walked to Mitchell Park, where I read for an hour or two. It was the best thing ever. I also got to visit my old friends, and see my family. And I went to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay (posts coming soon)

Plus there was a man playing guitar which was extremely lucky because my ipod was dead. And his music was beautiful


  1. I looove the first two pictures!! :)

  2. I love tea. And California (though I've never been there..). haha

  3. Love the essence of your photos! I just want to lean back in my chair and take a deep breath :) I'm glad you had a good time, but next time, please take me with you! ;) LOL