Sunday, March 4, 2012

she said, i will never be your queen (half moon bay part 1)

On my last day in California, I went to Half Moon Bay with my aunt. We Went to one of our favorite shops, The Nest. It is an outdoor garden- type shop full of random little things. My aunt got a patio table and I got a mermaid bookend.

Next we went to get lunch by the water, and then to a really cool surf shop, Mavericks. The Mavericks are these ridiculously huge waves that come once a year. 

Each winter, during a waiting period typically set for sometime between November and March – if and when conditions are perfect, and giant swells roll in from far across the Pacific – The Mavericks Surf Contest® is held. On just 24 hours notice, two dozen of the surfing community’s bravest and most skillful souls assemble to confront the thundering mountain of salt water many consider to be the most dangerous wave Mother Nature has ever concocted. 
So basically people from all over the place, like Hawaii, fly into Half Moon Bay on 24 hours notice for the Mavericks Surf Contest. And it's amazing. 
Plus I got a "half moon" chocolate chip cookie. And it was delicious.

I am putting this post into two parts because I have a ton of photos from the beach that won't fit into this one post. I'll probably publish it tomorrow :)

the kiss wasn't good enough

cutest face everrr


  1. Love the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. aww, the little seagull kiss :) and that cookie looks amazing!