Saturday, April 23, 2011

cats and dogs

This weekend I went to visit my family — my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, and their 3 dogs (plus one cat.) Shadow, Buddy and Rosie gladly greeted Milo (my own dog.) However Milo didn't get along so well with Chet, the cat. Chet spent his time hiding under the barn.

{Shadow — yes he has three legs but he walks and sits just fine :) }



 {Milo — "Pie?"}

 we all hiked up Schoodic Mountain, and the view from the top was amazing.


  1. So pretty! I'm sure you had a great time ;)

  2. A beautiful post, Emily, dear. :) I'm sure you had an amazing time.

    Happy Easter!

    Erica x

  3. What lovely pictures!! Glad you had fun :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. I LOVE DOGS! (But I'm allergic.) You take fantastic pictures!

  5. Beautiful photos! And adorable dogs. I'm totally a dog lover!