Wednesday, June 29, 2011

yellow submarine

You guys may or may not already know this (from one of Olivia's posts) but I love The Beatles.  Especially their album, and movie "Yellow Submarine." The movie is crazy and weird (so are most of the songs on the album) but it is also exceptionally awesome. SO, when Olivia and I were at Goodwill, she found this sweatshirt. It is a yellow zip up sweatshirt, nothing special about the style, but on the front it reads: 
The Beatles
Yellow Submarine 
                                              NOTHING IS REAL
It is probably my favorite item of clothing (you can see it in the first couple seconds of the video also) After Goodwill, we walked to Starbucks, in which there is a daily trivia question. If you answer the question correctly, you get a free shot  of espresso— which Olivia did. In the video you can see her saying "wow, that is really strong coffee," after drinking it. Next, we walked to the town landing and hung out on the beach for a while. And although it was cold, we went swimming (not really swimming, more like jumping in and then getting out.)

{a screen shot from the video}

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  1. that is so cool how you did the backwards thing! especially with the diving and stuff! I like how there was just some random guy watching you guys jumping into the water ;)

  2. I just realized that I never added your button to the sidebar from sponsoring the giveaway! I am so sorry! I just added it, and it will be there for the next month! :) I'm announcing the winner tomorrow, so I will email you with their info and what headband they want from your shop! Thank you again so much for sponsoring!

  3. wish i could have seen the video..great blog