Tuesday, July 5, 2011

still young

still young — evenings

In my family, Independence Day is celebrated with a bonfire, strawberry shortcake, and of course fireworks :)

Every year, I go up to my family's lake house. It is right near the water, on which we ski, and tube, and swim. We also watch the fireworks (put on every year by the town of Rangeley)

I look forward to the fireworks all year. They are done in town, so we drive the boat across the lake to where we are situated right under them. For some reason (although they're loud) there is something relaxing about watching the fireworks from the boat, atop the calm lake.

{on the way to the fireworks}


  1. Wow! That video was really cool!! Nice pictures too!

  2. The lake is so beautiful! You're lucky you got to see fireworks, mine got rained out.

  3. WOOOOOOWWW. I love that first sunset picture! Well, I'm assuming it's a sunset. Gosh. So gorgeous!

  4. I love the colour reflecting on the water

  5. WOOT! Fireworks! Loved the video.