Thursday, September 1, 2011

so you say it's birthday

 so you say it's your birthday,
happy birthday to you.
So, this post is coming (more) than a little late since my birthday was nearly two weeks ago {August 22} This year for my birthday a few friends and I went out to eat the THE BEST pizze place ever: Flatbread. When I think pizza, I think of a greasy, doughy, all-the-cheese-just-fell-off-with-one-bite, kind of food. But Flatbread is the opposite. It is flatbread all-natural wood-fired, clay oven pizza. YUM.

Next we went back to my house and did the usual cake and presents. AND I AM TOTALLY STOKED because I got acrylic paints and two canvases from my mom and dad! I've already painted on both the canvases, but I also got two gifcards to the art supply store from my grandma and sister so all be all stocked up! 

I truly apologize for the ugly pictures taken with flash! I absolutely hate using flash, but since it was about 8 o'clock and my mothers new house weirdly has no overhead lights, I had to :(


 {a whipped cream mustache — one of my more brilliant ideas (: }



  1. Ahahahaha I can't believe you posted those... *dies*
    That was a good night.

  2. Aww! Happy {rather late} birthday! Looks like you had fun! And look at Olivia with her "mustache". She looks so cute! Whipped cream mustaches are always a good time :))
    -Jocee <3