Thursday, September 1, 2011

up up & away

So a couple of days ago, my sister left for college. It has been really weird not having her around the house. I am so used to waking up and seeing her in the morning. I don't think I've gotten used to her being gone, because I still expect to see her, and then she's not there. It's the oddest feeling. But I'm happy that she's in college because I know she'll enjoy it.

We took her down to Connecticut on Monday. I'm glad that I was there to take her. But I'm not glad that I was in a car for three hours to take her. By the end of the trip, my knees felt permanently bent [I am used to six hour plane flights, but I usually get up during those, since it's summer, I'm not used to sitting.] But when we got there, I was glad that I have come because the campus was beautiful

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By five-thirty, Sara had to go to a meeting for volleyball, so it was time for another three hour drive. The goodbyes were sad and difficult, but I know Sara will love college, and I am very happy for her. After she left for her meeting, we got back into the car, now empty of all supplies, and headed home. 

But before we got on the road to Maine, we stopped at a small coffee shop downtown. After I had gotten my coffee, I (obviously) had to take a picture of it (it make be an obsession,) and this guy sitting at a table outside started talking to me. After seeing my camera, he said that he used to take a lot of pictures, and develop them at school [in a dark room.] And that reminded me that I really want to develop my own photos at some point. So I've made a list:

my goals in life:
1. develop my own photos
2. to learn how to use my mothers manual SLR camera to the fullest extent.

 Lastly, I'd like to say good luck to my sister Sara, who is currently experiencing her fourth day of college :)


  1. GASP! I love manual SLR cameras!! So much fun to use!! And I love the sunglasses photo. So pretty. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Love the pictures!!!! As always! And I totally feel you on the fact that your house feels empty! I was once one of three and now both my brothers are gone! It's very lonely.

  3. Yay Sara! Have fun going to college at Hurricane Island... Because we all know that's where Ben moved the island. ;)