Thursday, November 10, 2011

in my feathered hand

Our day started with a warm cup of coffee, and somehow ended in an extreme ballet stunts photo shoot. (they may not be extreme to her, but anything more than a leap is a lot more than I can do.) (PS this is Oceanna)

to those who asked: the shirt Oceanna is wearing is one I made out of my common ground fair shirt. They are extremely easy to make; just cut strips from the bottom of the tee shirt going up. Simple as that.





  1. Oh my goodness I love these photos! And her shirt.. I really want to learn how to do those. :)

    xoxo, hayley

  2. Ow. That is all. Just that, I seriously wish I could at least touch my toes.

    gorgeous photos! :)

  3. Nice photos! And her shirt? AWESOME. Must learn how to do that. :)

  4. I love the photos, the shirt and the idea of performing ballet stunts. You are really flexible (: