Saturday, November 26, 2011

white winter trees, covered in snow

Today, it snowed. It is the second snow of the season. But I'm really considering it the first snow, because the real first one was before Halloween, and it melted the next day. SO, today was a day to be spent inside, drinking hot chocolate, photographing Olivia's cats (which is truly addicting) and eating grilled cheese.

It turns out that today wasn't an inside day... Later on we went outside (multiple times) for multiple photo shoots — which you will see in a couple of upcoming posts! :)

Please listen to this song! It is pure beauty.
(Skip to 00:55 seconds... it's live, so they talk in the beginning.)

winter trees — the staves


  1. you photography is stunning emily! no kidding : )

  2. emily.... I'm eating the couch.