Thursday, December 1, 2011

stars shining bright above you

The other night, the beautiful Olivia and Anne and I went out for a photo shoot. At night. when it was 32˚F. AND they were wearing dresses.  { fantastically incredible makeup done by Sam :) }

Since I seemed to be the only sane one in this situation, I was wearing a shirt, sweater, fleece sweatshirt, denim shirt (my father's) and my favorite scarf (aka the cloak, if you remember.) With all of that on, I was still cold. So I can't imagine how freezing they were. But they both insisted on walking down, from Olivia's house, to the ocean. 

In the beginning of the day, they wanted to go into the ocean. But when we were running a tad late (about 5 hours) and it was pitch black, and about 10x colder, they decided not to risk  losing their lives to hypothermia.

We ended up having fun, but a cup of hot chocolate and a chair by the wood stove was exactly what we needed.


  1. I love your blog !i used to read olivias but then she her writing changed....i am not saying that that is bad just that i like your photogarphs and all much better plus you post more:))))