Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i love the rain

A hurricane - probably the most exciting thing that's happened in Maine since "The Patriots Day storm," Apparently it was a huge storm that took down some trees on Macworth Island. It was a pretty big deal. 

about the video: I apologize for any excessive wobbling in the film — the wind was strong and I could barely hold a camera. (also: note that none of the film, especially of the trees, is sped up.)

However, I'm not too sure his can be considered as a hurricane, I think it may have been officially downgraded to a "tropical storm." Whatever she was, he name was Irene. Irene was not to angry, but quite moody. We didn't get an excessive amount of rain, but the wind was incredible. After the storm, some small branches and leaves were strewn about the ground, but nothing more than a little foliage on the pavement resulted from this "hurricane" (in Maine.)

We recently took my sister to college (the post is forth coming,) and the hurricane hit worse in Connecticut than it did here in Maine. The branches left around the campus made the ones here look like twigs. The damage was not pretty, especially in a small town we stopped in for gas — entire telephone poles were laying broken across the road. I hope everyone in these areas affected by the storm are able to quickly recover.

The day before we went to Connecticut was when the real storm happened (luckily not during our drive.) My dad's house lost power for nearly two whole days — even when it was bright and sunny.  Luckily, my mother's house did not lose power, so I was actually able to take a shower at some point. I'm hoping none of you were bothered by Irene. Aside from the minor damage in the yard, I quite enjoyed her. I love the rain so much [perfect song for me.] The other night before Irene came, it was raining, and I just sat outside of my deck. It was so peaceful.

LAST DAY OF FREEDOM: Yes, school starts tomorrow. And I am not happy. Not one bit. The only thing I'm excited for is that I will actually start wearing put-together outfits (for the most part) and not wearing a tee shirt and sweats like I am now (although I love my tee shirt and sweats! and as always I will put them on the second I am home from school)


  1. Glad you were safe!
    Loved the vlog, you are really good at them:)

  2. That was an awesome video!
    Yea, I have some experiences with hurricanes. (Ike and Rita) and they were not pretty. With Rita, we had no power for 3 days while the storm went on outside.

  3. awesome video! glad you were safe :) I love the rain too! :D