Wednesday, July 20, 2011

in the sun {sailing part three}

On out third day, we went to Hurricane Island. It is such a cool, but creepy place. There used to be a camp held at the island, but as of 2005 it was abandoned. There are the most random items laying around the island: books, chairs, maps, salt & pepper shakers, cereal boxes, toothbrush packages etc. It is just weird that nothing was cleaned up or taken care of, everything was just left there. There was even a crane with a piece of dock hanging from it. 

  there was a ton of writing on the walls

 {there were also a lot of broken windows...}


  1. Ooh, I love your photos of the books especially. Hurricane Island does look kind of creepy. Once again, I love the new look! :D

  2. (1)Love the new blog design. (2)You made a rusty door-handle look beautiful. (3) The table and chairs outside look eerie, as if they are still waiting for the owners to return. (4)Love the toadstool (5)and the orange flowers. Thank You.