Saturday, July 30, 2011

i wish... {a guest post by Jocee}

First, I'd like to thank Emily for letting me guest post on her lovely-happy-ohmylipgloss-just-plain-old rocking awesome blog! I know I don't have Miss Emily's mad blogging skills or anything like that {or anyone elses, for that matter}, but I shall try my best to entertain all you lovelies. So, enjoy this post :)) 
i wish... i could sport these lovely shoes
i wish... i had a lock for every one of these keys and there'd be a different world behind each of them
i wish... we had some more white chocolate mousse with strawberries, but alas, no. goshbubbles.
i wish... i could pose like this:
i wish... i wore flowers in my hair daily
i wish... i could knit like Carlotta. okay, i wish i could knit in general.
i wish... i could make a perfect meringue. food coloring & sprinkles is a bonus.
i wish... my cookies didn't have to turn out to be a not-so-epic fail.

i wish i had Emily's mad video making skills. i wish i had a MacBook Pro.
i wish... that i took all the photos above. but i can solemnly swear i took this one:
I'm so proud of myself. I'm also proud that my non-capitalization phase ended. And now, to make some White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries. Oh me! Oh my! I'm so excited.
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  1. sounds like Emily has some mad skills. :)

  2. Oh,the I wish for a lock for each of these keys is epic....

    Oh those flowers in the girls hair are, so pretty.