Sunday, July 17, 2011

keep me closer {sailing part one}

SO, I'm back from my five-day sailing excursion! The trip was extremely fun but painful... I suffered from a number of injuries (bruises on the head, gashes on the leg, cuts on the feet) It is very easy to hit your head on just about anything on a boat. 

On the first day of the trip, we were in Camden (ME.) We mostly just walked around town, but while doing so, Olivia and I found the best little chocolate shop. It was called Chocolatier Blue, and it may have been the most amazing chocolate I have ever had. At first I didn't want to even eat the chocolates, because they were decorated so nicely. 

I was only going to get one chocolate, but they all looked so good so I sprung for the 5-piece box :)

 {orange julius}
 {caramel with sea salt}

Next we headed down to the water, where there was a group of 15 + ducks. On our way there, we got some bread crust from a small bakery. One duck ate right out of Olivia's hand. 

After a little while of being down there, we also saw some geese. The mother goose was on the look-out and kept on eyeing Olivia and I as we took pictures of her children.

After a night in the Camden harbor, we were off. The fog was incredible, I could barely see the islands around us.

While we were sailing, Olivia and I took some pictures from the bow. While we were sailing, we passed by and old ferry boat. As we passed it, Olivia said "Do you see that weird old ferry?" as if she was about to give me some interesting piece of information about it — after I said "yes?" she just said, "Well it's weird..."


  1. looks like you had a lot of fun! those chocolates make me super hungry. and, guess what? my brother's name is camden. ;)

  2. Hey Em, do you see that weird old ferry?
    It was disTRAUGHT!

  3. looks like fun! i've always wanted to go sailing :)

  4. great pictures! looks like a lot of fun! ;]

  5. The chocolate looks delicious. :) The photos are amazing.

  6. mmmmmmmm. I can't even LOOK at the chocolate:)

  7. Those chocolates looks soo good! :)

  8. So beautiful! I love Maine. I've only been once but it was just lovely.
    Oh, and those chocolates look scrumptious.

  9. Your sailing pics are awesome and the old ferry (cheap ferry) pic is good.

  10. Looks so Beautiful...! The old ferry(prom) pic is nice.