Tuesday, July 19, 2011

we are all made of air {sailing part two}

we are all made of air,
there's stars in my eyes,
and there's sun in my hair.
and I'm running away,
it makes me feel better

001. On the second day of the trip we anchored in a group of islands called hell's half acre. Here, Olivia and I explored three or four islands, but one in particular was out favorite. The first set of photos from a small island on wich we claimed by sticking a large tree-ish branch between two rocks —The next set of photos are of our favorite island —


{the sand castle we made}

 while walking on this sandbar, I picked up three or four large clam shells, each one had a little crab living in it! the last shell I picked up did not have a crab in it. It was alive — and we made clam chowder with it and other small clams that Olivia's mom found! It was very exciting. Apparently they're called surf clams

{the two photos above are the same clam shell}


002. We liked this island (feather rock island — as we named it) so much because it had a huge rock to sit on and look out on the other islands. It also had a sandbar connecting it with another larger island. It was also great for swimming: shallow, but deep enough to swim around in — but only during low tide. We went back to the island the next day during high tide and a quarter of the giant rock was covered in water. The sand bar wasn't even visible.

(boho indian mermaid...) 

P.S. depending on when you read this, my blog may look a little weird. I am in the midst of redesigning my blog (header and background etc.) I had a few difficulties at first since I am not expert at this, but I'm almost done! — I'm done! let me know if you like it! :)

(probably my all time favorite song)


  1. I love your photos, again! :D So far, I like the new header & background. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  2. beautiful photos! love the third picture, and the header is so pretty! :]

  3. Amazing photos!! I love the picture of the feathers and the rock with mossy/algae-whatever on it.
    And I think your header is just lovely! You're doing a very good job :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. love, love, LOVE the blog design!

  5. Love August looks spiffily awesome!