Tuesday, May 31, 2011

beneath the sun

This weekend Olivia and I spent the weekend in the sun :) [finally after what seemed like weeks of rain.] On sunday we biked to Town Landing and ate about 20 ice pops... 

Then on Monday (Memorial Day) we went sailing! It was soo much fun — we got off to a slow start but as the wind picked up we went very fast for such a little sail boat (I even got to sail it myself for the first time) After sailing around, we stopped on this little island and laid out on the beach. Plus I took my first swim (and sunburn) of the season :)

we also made yummy devil's food cupcakes: see the recipe here

{Wouldn't Do by A Fine Frenzy}

p.s. my friend Kaija just started a blog, there aren't a lot of posts yet but it would be great if you would check her out :) 


  1. awesome pictures! looks like you and Olivia always have a ton of fun together :)

  2. OMG! I am so jealous of you doing that perfect handstand in the video! (:

  3. Beautiful pictures!! :)

  4. looks like a fun day! cute film :)

  5. I'm lovin the film :) That song's been on repeat the past week or so.

  6. You two are fantastic together and I've enjoyed reading both of your blogs about your adventures! Love the videos!

  7. You have got to have the most adorable blog ever. Just so you know.
    Your photos are lovely, and it looks like an absolutely marvelous day. I wish I lived near water like that.
    Aaannd that video makes me happy. =)

  8. Great photos! I am having a nautical theme photo contest at my blog and it looks like you would have a perfect picture to fit the theme!! :)