Sunday, May 22, 2011

there's a shortcut down the beaten path

 So yesterday, Olivia and I went down to the beach and although it was cloudy, we got some good pictures. It was perfectly sunny earlier in the day, but unfortunately I got to Olivia's house too late and the clouds had already rolled in.

We also got some fun videos (one being my new favorite friend, the dog Bezlo, the cutest dog in the world! :D) As Olivia mentioned, there aren't a ton of videos of me, but it's a video for one of my favorite songs, Race You by Elizabeth and the Catapult :)

{ignore the watermark}

We went back to the beach today, originally to go fishing but we didn't have the right equipment. Instead we nursed a crab back to health after finding it on the dock. 

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  1. love the video!! also, your post about the etsy shop sweet pea and fae, I love their makeup!! I first saw it on Olivia's blog, and now I use it! :D I might have to get some more, because I only got the samples.

  2. Oh goodness, I am in love with the video! Great photos too, dear! You and Olivia are so beautiful. ^_^

    P.S. I am now a reader/follower of your lovely little blog! ^_^

  3. Great photos! You and Olivia are really awesome photographers.

  4. Nice photos. That video is great too! :)

  5. That video is amazing! and can I just say.. I'm obsessed with your red hair! it's so cute :) great pictures, too.

  6. Hey, I just came across your blog VIA Olivia and You are so beautiful, as well as talented! I have been just so entertained by your blog. My mouth has been watering with all your amazing recipes, you really should stop, I feel as though I have gained 10 pounds just looking at your treats :) I would love if you stopped by my blog: