Monday, August 1, 2011

Bulletin Sticks. (a guest post by Kaija)

Wanting to add a new point of interest in your room? Here is a simple project that adds style and functionality.

What you'll want: 
• sticks
• yarn (as many colors as desired)
• scissors
• fun pieces of art, reminders, stickers, etc. 

This idea came from interior designer Genevieve Gorder in her show Dear Genevieve. Genevieve was incorporating nature into the room with sticks; the yarn, she explained, was to keep the sticks soft, rather than jagged. 

Here's how:
one. Gather a few sticks. (The most ideal sticks for this project are those with far-extending branches.)
two. Wrap the sticks individually with yarn.

It's as simple as that! But, once I had completed the project (to Genevieve's extent), I figured why not make this functional?
three. Wrap yarn from one branch to another. (The tighter the spaces, the better things will fit. As noticeable, I wrapped the string loosely in the middle two branches. I did this so I could use adorable little close pins. See the photo following the one below.)

When the opening appears too petite to place a photo or piece of paper in, rest writing utensils in the spot instead.

four. After I had constructed the crevices and arranged the artifacts, I positioned the sticks in an antique spool to act as a vase. I believe that by doing so, it marries the motif of the yarn.

I had completed my project! But no, my crafting session was not over yet. As I was wrapping up the excess yarn, a new idea came to mind: the neat bunch looked like a bow. So, after I secured a bobby pin into the bow...
...I had created a new hair piece.

Thanks, Emily, for asking me to guest post!  
Have a lovely August, everyone! 
I'm Kaija from Live Blissfully. I love life, family, fashion, the beach, traveling (hopefully to London, Paris, and Rome), handbags, accessories, nature, blogging, and so much more!