Friday, August 5, 2011

Books, Inspiration and what to do when in need... (a guest post by Romi)

Hello Poppies and Love August Followers!
My name is Romi, a fifteen year old from Tasmania, Australia and I am here to tell you all about the amazingness of words, writing, books, reading and also share some of my favourite and most inspirational finding... (pictures...)
I should warn you now, I am a total word obsessor and love finding totally new and wholly creative words... including the above shmaggle (another new one! YES!) "most inspirational finding..."
Ok, now I feel that I really ought to move on, before I make you all really confused!
And trust me, I can make it quite easy to do that!

I'm a reader and have made it a sort of quest of mine to find amazing and unusual books, that inspire every part of the mind and leave you wondering what'll happen next... and also being an aspiring writer, when I read I take in things and think of how I can imporve my writing from reading others... if that makes sense...?

So, I'm firstly going to tell you about some immensley inspiring and fantastic books that are currently about.. enjoy this part of my post!

*The Invention of Hugo Caberet is a really amazing book, it's half picture and half words- the pictures are amazingly detailed and beautiful and the words are just brilliant! It's sure a book for anyone and everyone!

*Chasing Odysseus is a retake on The Oddysey by Homer- it's a book like no other and something that hasn't been tried very much at all... it's awesomely interesting and captivating!

*Life's not Always Black and White is a book of quotes, pictures and is great if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, it really does brighten your day!

*Love Aubrey is a book about a girl who was involved in an awful, life changing accident that leaves her all alone, and trying to cope when you're only 11 is hard... so she needs to try and let people in.

*The Worst Thing she Ever did is a brillaint YA book and it's heart moving, sad and brilliantly inspirational... very sad...

*India Dark is a story based on a true story and is very mysterious, difficult to cope with and very brilliant!

And I'm currently reading a book called Days Like This, it's a dystopian novel set when the heating of the world is overtaking people's lives and the world itself.
It's amazing and very hard to take in too...

Now, it may not be immediately connectable for you all, but to me, writing, books equals inspiration.
For you and your different dreams like fashion, photography, cooking or flying may all equal that same thing.
Pictures that inspire me to dream and write are in the many and all across the universe... I have piles of inspirational quotes and pictures on my computer, and I want to share a few with you now... I hope they inspire you to find something you love...
I love this...

Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro is the most amazing film ever...

Inspiring, aren't they?

I'm a total animal lover, but sadly we don't have foxes where I live...

oh how I adore this..

This is a most amazing house!

This window... perfection!

I may be inspired fairly frequently, but I never will stop loving the fact that inspiration is always around, whenever we want to be inspired, are feeling down or just happen to be looking through something, inspiration is no doubt not far away.
I hope you've enjoyed my gusteyness, thank you Emily for letting me come over!

About Romi...

I am Romi! Hello! I'm 15 years old, live in Tasmania, Australia and adore reading, writing, inspiration and blogging, creativeness, words in all forms, typewriters, getting letters, making things and animals... nature is brilliant and I can't be with it enough.

I write two blogs- Where The Writer Comes To Write where I obsess over books, writing and do frequent Q&A's with authors and The Dreamy Tree where I post inspirational photos as much as I can!
I also have an etsy shop called Willows and Whispers where I make and sell steampunkish lockets and earrings- all made from old watch parts! I also have a few prints on my shop too!


  1. Love the John Green quote. I am proud of being a nerd :)

  2. I LOVE The Invention of Hugo Cabret! Did you know they're making it into a movie? It's just called Hugo, and I saw a trailer for it at my movie theater. I'm not sure when it's coming out but I'm extremely excited!

    I also adore Love, Aubrey- and I think it was the first book that made me cry. :)

    Also, the bird picture is adorable (and a bit sad).