Thursday, August 11, 2011

votre couronne et la gloire {guest post by Blythe}

       Hello, I just want to say,first off,I'm excited to be posting here,second,I'll do my best to give you all a helpful,inspiring post, (which I'll probably fall short,but I'll make it my goal anyway.)☺
             The best thing to do when you want to have fun is to jump right on in,so let's do this thing...


                   A girls hair is her crown and glory,so lets treat it like royalty shall we.

         First off is knowing whats best for your hair type,is it curly,wavy,straight, poker straight??
 Certain things are 'perfect' for on type of hair on the other hand it might just destroy an other type of hair.
Here are a few basic's for treating your hair like royalty
  • Brushing your hair when its wet is not helpful for any hair type; it will break your hair
  • Brushing your hair is not what I would suggest for any type of curly hair or wavy hair; will make it frizzy and puffy.
  • Don't wash your hair daily;it will strip your hair of its natural oils and nutrients.
  • Aviod using hair products with alcohol: for curly hair never use acohol products.
  • Shower with 'warm' water; hot and cold water isn't good for any hair type. 
  • Leave conditioner in your hair for a few moments before rinsing.

    Those are just a few basic's (if you have any tip's or stuff to add go right ahead and comment below with them.)
So you know some basic's for taking care of your (some of you or a lot of you might of already new them,but anyway),lets move on to some hairstyling.

I don't know about you girls,but I love styling hair,if you even mentioned something about styling your hair, I would be there with my hands and a can of bobbing pins.

 I love seeing new tutorials for a super cute hairstyle's too. Now I don't what type of hairstyles you all are into,but I'll just throw some summery ones out there, enjoy.

Note:I don't condone the way the girls dress in these videos,I know some of your dress like that,so no offense I just wanted to say that I don't and I don't condone it.

I tried to upload a formal updo video that I made,but it wouldn't work along with my vintage hairstyle tutorial as well... : (Oh,well. I made up a mini box tutorial for the vintage tutorial though;

See the whole tutorial HERE....

Well,I hope you enjoyed this post,I know it wasn't the greatest. I'm sure you'll all be glad when Emily returns and this blog will be back in the safe hands of its owner.☺

( votre couronne et la gloire is 'your crown and glory' in french in case you were wondering.)

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  1. Really pretty hair tutorial, Blythe! Awesome!