Sunday, August 21, 2011

it takes me away {california part 2}

SO... While in California, I (of course) went to San Francisco. I used to live in Mountain View {my Grandma lives in Palo Alto, the next town over, which is where I stay while visiting.} Palo Alto is about 45 minutes away from San Francisco, and I love going there.


As we always do, my aunt and I first went to the Ferry Building. If you don't know what that is, it is a large terminal for ferries traveling across the San Francisco Bay. It is located right on the water, and inside is a bunch of little stores and markets. 

Whenever we go to the Ferry Building, we always go to this cute little chocolate place. They make homemade vanilla bean marshmallows. Usually I'm not much for marshmallows, but these are amazing! So delicious. Plus they have other great original chocolates like orange, chili, jasmine, and many more. We also go to this olive oil place, that always has many samples!

And for lunch, we always get bread and cheese. We get the cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery. They make the best cheese ever. And then and cute little bakery next door. We ate bread and cheese outside by the water while listening to a cute old man play the saxophone. 

On the weekends, across the street from the Ferry Building is usually a bunch of arts crafts. While walking around the booths, there was an awesome VW Bus — titled the PEACE VAN. They were giving out free Peace Tea: some new iced tea in a can, nothing special - but their van was awesome!

Next, we went to Crissy Field — the beach/ park right near the Golden Gate Bridge. Although I used to live there, we always sort of do touristy stuff while I visit. But Crissy Field is beautiful, I didn't get many pictures, but I took some video :)

1957 — Milo Greene


  1. such a cool van!
    sounds like you had a good trip

  2. How cool is that? I want that van so much. While I'm in California I'm going to take lots of videos like you've been doing, and hopefully I'll put them on the blog! My favorite shots in this video would be the cupcakes and the sea gull. Pure brilliance. Great post!!
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I'm going to have to try some of that bread and cheese sometime!

  3. lovelovelove your videos! I gave you an award over here, check it out!