Friday, August 19, 2011

spin me round again {california part 1}

So while I was in California, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Some of the fish/aquatic creatures there are indescribable. In one section, they had a one million gallon tank. It was probably bigger than my house. In this tank there were things like hammer-head sharks, sunfish (the really weird looking fish in the video,) turtles, and even sardines! :) 

{watch the video in HD (: }

I am so sorry about the random noise that starts halfway through the video. I have turned off the background noise and re-uploaded the video 4 times but it won't go away :(
it's fixed!

The one million gallon tank was one of my favorite things at the aquarium. My other favorite was the jellyfish. They had several different kinds. There were these jellyfish called moon jellies, and they were a very pale pinkish color, and they had really short tentacles. There were also some jellyfish called lion's mane jellies, purple striped jellies, and sea nettle jellies. The coolest ones were probably the sea gooseberries. They were the cutest little things!! They were like little neon lights! {you'll recognize them when you see them}

There was also a giant kelp tank, which also had sharks, and other various creatures of the sea. And there was a whole exhibit for sea horsesSome of them were so cute and little!

hide and seek — imogen heap


  1. Awesome. You have an amzing video camera and an eye for capturing these creatures. This video was great.

  2. I love aquariums -- getting to see all those things that live under the sea is so exciting(: What is that at 4:00 in the video? It's all glow-y!

  3. Hey! MOLA MOLA AT 0:22! See how WEIRD they are?

  4. Oh and it's totally gorgeous and I am 100% jealous of both your video-taking capabilities and your trip.
    See you later ;)

  5. LOVE THIS. What did you use to film it?

  6. @ Olivia: THATS A MOLA MOLA?!?!?
    @ MaryRachel: it's a sea gooseberry
    @ Meredith Sledge: I used my Nikon D3100

  7. Groovy song by the way!